Audio and Video Advertising

September 27, 2006

With the proliferation of Audio and Video content on the internet, advertising on these media will likely be part of the next surge in online advertising.
Visitors will access this content in two ways. The user can visit a website and download the podcast/movie. For example by going to or The other alternative is to have have the content directly streamed to them on a non-PC device. For example, Sonos has just released a device that connects to Rhapsody’s trove of songs and plays it on the Sonos whole-house system.
There are two advertising avenues possible here. Audio and video ads can be seamlessley integrated into the content at appropriate points, much like the Ads we see today on TV before/after or in-between a show. There is technology that allows this seamless integration (AOL aquired a company which developed this technology a few months ago). The other possibility is that relevant text ads relevant are shown on the webpage where the content is being streamed.
Both of these require sophisticated technology that allows for understanding/transcribing the content. Companies like Podzinger, TVEyes and Blinkx offer voice-recognition software that translates spoken words into text or audio waveforms that can be searched. Once this is enabled, then text and image ads can be served to users using the Google Adwords or Yahoo ad platform, much like the way it is done today for text content.
It is worth noting that this new technology looks at the complete content in a audio or video clip. Most audio/video search technology today relies on the text tags associated with these clips.


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