Say No to Skiing at Heavenly

March 26, 2007

The Heavenly ski resort at Lake Tahoe is planning to cut-down hundreds of trees to make way for a chair lift. Here is an extract from an article in the Wall Street Journal (behind a pay wall).

…ski resorts, which cut down forests to create ski slopes and build condos, still haven’t completely won over environmentalists. A group called the Sierra Nevada Alliance recently condemned a proposal by officials at the Heavenly Mountain Resort at Lake Tahoe to chop down hundreds of ancient fir trees to make way for a new chairlift, even as it praised the participation of Heavenly and its parent, Vail Resorts Inc., in the global-warming campaign. “While some of the resorts are thinking globally, they aren’t thinking locally,” says Autumn Bernstein, land-use coordinator for the alliance.
Officials at Heavenly say they plan to mitigate the loss of the trees by working to protect old trees in other parts of the forest. “What environmentalists need to understand is that we are excellent stewards of the environment,” says Heavenly spokesman Russ Pecoraro.


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