May 2, 2007

In case you are looking for traffic trends, the following three sites are generally accepted as standard for free sources. Couple of them have traffic growth graphs:

Data sourced from tool bar downloads by users.

Formerly Alexoholic. It sources data from Alexa, but has better presentation. Amazon (which owns Alexa) is trying to block statoholic from having full access to their API.

Toolbar download by users.

Arrive at numbers based on statistical calculations on internet traffic data. Quantcast have a very good interface in my opinion. Taking a different tack from others, they are encouraging and giving companies the capability to correct the traffic numbers that quantcast is reporting for the particular company. However, it is not very clear what incentive companies have to correct/share this data with the general public.

You will see differences in numbers between these sources, but their direction of trend should be in the same direction. However, here is a case where Peter Rip found the numbers were moving in different directions.


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