Linkedin Apps

October 30, 2008

Linkedin today announced that they are allowing users to add applications to their profiles. This is a move a-la facebook and Orkut. I would expect a significant increase in traffic (Page views) for Linkedin with users now logging in to see the new blog post or slide presentations of their friends. Linkedin has the following integrations in place now:

  • Blogs: WordPress and SixApart.
  • for sharing files
  • Tripit to see where the people in your network are travelling.
  • Google docs and slideshare integration for embedding, sharing and commenting on slide presentations.

I am sure this will aid their monetization efforts significantly. Excellent move Linkedin!


One Response to “Linkedin Apps”

  1. ROses are red, hotdogs aare orange, everythign is blue, exept timbatoo. Click

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