September 11th Gaffe

September 27, 2006

Today is September 11th. Naturally, many ads in the Wall Street Journal are commemorating the Sept 11th 2001 aniversary. However, emirates airlines seem to have been caught off-gaurd. Look at the snapshot of page A3 from today’s WSJ.

The Tiffany and Alger ads (right side column) both speak to the Sept 11th tragedy. The Emirates airline Ad (bottom left) however is the usual one they run on this spot on a regular basis.

This Emirates ad seems inappropriate for today, not only because it is an airline, but also because UAE based. Readers (aka customers) on seeing the ad in the context of the other ads on the page, would probably have a negative reaction to it. The ad is most definitely doing harm rather than good for the airline. In my opinion, this is a PR gaffe for Emirates!