Google is taking over your desktop. Probably not surprising, given the fact that it appears to be part of their strategy for couple of years now. Increasingly, Google is rolling out services that require a single Google log in and password.

Take orkut for example.

Orkut has gained wide popularity among users in Brazil and India. It seems like Google is finally being proactive about making changes in the application that make life easier for the users. Of course, they have started putting ads on Orkut, which is great from advertiser perspective. If you are an advertiser looking to target the Indian or Brazilian Diaspora, Orkut would be a great addition into your content targeting portfolio. A more significant change from a user perspective is that users now can reply to a scrap they have received right from their scrapbook. Earlier, users would need to actually navigate to their friends scrapbook to write their entry.

Google spreadsheets and MS word – like applications hosted on the web is taking a shot at Microsoft’s core desktop applications market. With the acquisition of, Google has acquired some good technology that should help it to stay ahead of other rivals in this space. These applications are again enticing the user to move away from the client to the server for creating and storing documents. Microsoft is sure to be affected by this general trend.

We have not heard much about the Gdrive lately. Gdrive is apparently an tool that is Google is experimenting with internally for document and storage and retrieval on the web. So, just as with Google Spreadsheets, you could retrieve your documents from anyplace, as far as you have an Internet connection.

Other examples of Google slipping into the desktop could be Google calendar, Gmail and Google Pack. The pop up announcing the arrival of new Gmail is as obtrusive as that from MS outlook.
The Google pack is a bunch of applications that are installed and updated automatically on a regular basis. This will definitely help Google stake their ground and enable them to continue pushing new applications through this.