Pay Per Call

October 9, 2006

Ingenio signed a deal with MSN yesterday to place pay-per-call ads on MSN search service for mobile devices. Ingenio’s service enables advertisers to set-up pay-per-call ads. A pay-per-call ad is one where the user is connected to the call center rep when he clicks on the ad.
With this deal, Ingenio seems to be strengthening its presence in the pay-per-call market. It already has a deal with Google and AOL (AOL’s search service is powered by Google).

The biggest potential for pay-per-call would be in the mobile devices market. For search through mobile devices, a pay-per-call model is likely to be much more effective than a pay-per-click model. Search or internet surfing on Mobile devices happen in an entirely different context when compared to search on a PC. Many searches will be geo-centric (restaraunts in a particular area) and making a call (reservations, are you guys open now?) is an easier option than peering at content on a small screen.