In the latest sign of the networks going the way of distributing current/recent content to online viedoe networks, CBS has announced that it will make available previously shown episodes of CSI, NCIS and others. The deals are interesting in that it covers several online players, both mature start-ups and those that are just taking off. The players are:

CNET – Text content + video

Brightcove – Youtube like model

Joost – in private beta (need an invite from a current user). While Youtube focuses on UGC, Joost seems to focus on syndicating content from TV networks.

Netvibes – Just made their US/”universal” debut after making their name on their hometurf in France. This deal will fit very nicely with Netvibes strategy of providing as many feeds as possible to users.

Sling Media – It will be interesting to see how Sling will use CBS content, since the Slingbox out in the market now is essentially to enable “location shifting”.

Comcast – Online video play for a cable company?

Veoh Networks


The Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall) reported today, a subsidiary of AOL will be Ad distributor for the as-yet-unnamed NBC – News Corp. joint venture for online video. It seems like is leveraging some of the IP it got through AOL’s acquisition of Truveo back in Dec 2005. The technology allows to insert ads into video clips seamlessly at any point in the video. I can see advertisers being very interested in this. Imagine a Kellogs ad right as a family sits for breakfast in the video or a Circuit City ad just as viewers are in the middle of watching a football match.