The number of people who use TiVo and other DVRs is growing at a healthy rate. This presents a rather unpleasant challenge to advertisers: How to get users to watch an Ad when they are skipping through to the next program?
The Answer: Engage them. KFC did it earlier this year by hiding a clue in it’s ad that can only be seen on recording and playing back the video (aka TiVo users).
Yesterday, Sony launched an ad targeted at TiVoers for its new line of LCD TVs. The ad has two different endings. One for men and another for women. The engagement part? Viewers will have to click on one of the two radio buttons presented to them on the TV screen: “ending for men” or “ending for women”. Of course, after this point, imagery appealing to each gender is presented.
Will this work? we shall find out soon. KFC saw a 40% increase in traffic to its website when it ran the Ads!