January 10, 2008

Google announced that it is tying up with Matsushita to launch Internet TV. While this had immediate pop out effect on Matsushita’s shares, GOOG did not show the same effect. Perhaps because of market conditions that day, in addition to the fact that this may not have significant and immediate revenue impact for Google.
However, in the medium term, I see this as a tipping point for you tube. Google proactively bundling some of their more TV-friendly offerings (aka video and photos) with TV makers out there is a smart move that will sit well with the natural upsurge in interest in viewing online video content on TVs. One can only speculate on the ad revenue implications for you tube once this convergence gathers steam.


Google Acquires YouTube

October 9, 2006

Its official. Google has acquired Youtube in a $1.65 billion stock-for-stock deal. The company had a analyst call today at 1.30pm PST. The webcast is available at

It will be interesting to watch how Google Video and YouTube will be integrated. This acquisition also means that Google will possibly increase its emphasis on Video ads by pitching it more to advertisers. They will have 4 times more inventory than before (based on Google and YouTube market share).

Google and YouTube

October 9, 2006

With the impending $1.6 billion acquisition of YouTube, Google is set to become the biggest behemoth in the online video space. TechCrunch and NY Times has reported that the deal may be announced tonite. Google video now has a 10% share while YouTube has a 46% share. If the deal goes through, Google will have a 56% share of the online video market. Should this not raise potetial anti-trust concerns?
Reed Hundt, the ex-chairman of the FCC, gave a talk in the bay area last week where he mentioned that goverment is following an unstated and implicit policy of allowing large merger deals (the likes of AT&T and SBC) to go through. In this environment, I would not be surprised if Google will grow to be as big and dominant in a few years as Microsoft used to be.