April 30, 2008

Check out this twitter app: twistori

Its very cool. Shows messages that contain words love, hate, feel, think, believe and wish. It reminds me of wall mounted screen at Googleplex that shows search queries from around the world being done on Google at that moment.


As I open myself up to the information deluge through Twitter, Friend feed and the 100s of feeds in my Google Reader, I find that the mind can focus and digest only so much. As these tools go mainstream, I expect that this problem will become more pronounced. As one would expect, apps are being built on top of Twitter and Friend feed that will alleviate this problem.

I have been testing twhirl, Alert Thingy and Feedalizr. While twhirl and Alert thingy mainly help in reading and responding to tweets and (friendfeeds?), Feedalizr has filters that can be enabled so that only certain tweets can be seen in the client. For example, I set a filter for “investor” and the application only showed messages containing this word. This is only the beginning and I expect more sophisticated information filters to come along that will alleviate this firehose of messages.